GP Charles Dobson

GP Charles Dobson installed solar thermal and solar PV at their five-bedroom home.

Why did you decide to invest in renewable energy?

I have always had in mind the green agenda and the idea of being able to generate my own energy and reduce pollution. On top of that, you are potentially going to make money from it but the idea of sustainability is important to me. I also hope other people will follow the lead.

Why did you choose Pure Renewables rather than another supplier?

They are a local firm and are well accredited.

What do you think of the service you received from Pure Renewables?

The service was absolutely fantastic. They came in, did the job on time – no mess, no fuss. They actually helped us sort some problems with our existing heating system.

I would definitely use them again and would have no hesitation about recommending them to anyone. I can’t imagine a better service. The only thing they could have done extra is made me a cup of tea.

This is a premium service. Pure Renewables know what they are doing and deliver. I have never had better service for anything ever.

Has the investment matched your expectations?

The performance is way ahead of expectations. I love going in the garage every now and then to see how many watts I’m generating. It’s cut our monthly gas and electricity bills in half. That is impressive.