Space Heating

Space heating refers to modern technologies such as underfloor heating and smart radiators.

Underfloor heating emits heat in an even manner and eliminates cold spots.

Heat is concentrated in the lower part of the room where you get maximum benefit so it’s also a very efficient way to keep your home nice and cosy.

With underfloor heating, there are no radiators to spoil the clean lines of a room. It also frees up wall space for furniture.

Smart radiators are far more efficient than traditional alternatives. They use intelligent control systems to combine the static radiant characteristics of traditional radiators with the dynamic aspects of convection.

By using enhanced convection radiators, operating temperatures can be lowered without sacrificing thermal comfort. When used in conjunction with ground or air source heat pumps the efficiency of these radiators is even greater, helping to save even more energy.

Using enhanced convector technology allows larger outputs to be yielded from lower water temperatures. Because of this, the size of the heat emitters can be smaller allowing more compact and attractive products to be installed, which also helps to save valuable wall space.

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Reduced running costs

Unlike heat pumps, there are no Government incentives for installing underfloor heating or new radiators.

However, by upgrading your underfloor heating and radiators you can help to reduce the running costs of your heating system and future proof your home against hikes in utility bills.

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Underfloor heating is mostly used in ground-floor rooms. Systems are most easily installed where it's possible to take up floors or where new floors are being constructed, so it is particularly suitable for new builds, refurbishments and extensions. It can be used with almost all types of flooring.

Underfloor heating uses lower temperature water than standard radiators so it needs less energy, making it cheaper to run.

The plastic water pipes are fitted in one continuous loop. Leaks are highly unlikely as there are no joints. The systems are generally considered to be maintenance-free. The manifolds which control the underfloor systems use automatic air vents – this means the circuits maintain themselves. All of our work carries an insurance-backed warranty.

Timing controls allow you to set the system to come on and go off when you want. As with radiators you turn them on and off as you require.

Underfloor heating is compatible with most heating systems, this means it can be integrated with an existing radiator system.

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