1930s terrace is region's first SuperHome

Pure Renewables has helped a Hull homeowner transform his house into the region’s first SuperHome.

Richard Howarth spent 12 months and thousands of pounds converting his draughty, three-bedroom terrace house into a cosy, low-energy home.

He estimates he will save almost £3,000 a year on his energy bills after carrying out the work on the 1930s end terrace in Inglemire Avenue, north Hull.

SuperHomes is a network of more than 170 energy aware households across the country who have refurbished their properties to the highest energy-efficient standards. 

To qualify as a SuperHome, the homeowner must reduce their carbon emissions by at least 60 per cent, excluding lifestyle changes.

Mr Howarth said: “I was sick of living in cold, damp houses which were expensive to run. I am also deeply concerned about the threat to our planet from climate change.”

Pure Renewables installed solar PV, solar thermal and air-source heat pump systems, providing electricity, hot water and heat to the property.

Mr Howarth said: “It’s performed better than predicted and overall they have contributed, along with the major insulation works, to reducing our bills from £1,500 a year to £1,400 income, which is a saving of almost £3,000 a year.

“The house is now cosy and warm 24 hours a day. Previously, the person sat on the sofa away from the radiator was shivering with cold draughts blowing up from the floorboards.”

Mr Howarth said the heat pump has “performed brilliantly”, despite the fact that it was cheaper than the other quotes he obtained.

He added: “Pure Renewables correctly specified our heat requirements. They had the best understanding of our overall needs. The work was excellent – I was impressed with their attention to detail.”

The three-bedroom home has solid brick walls and was previously heated by an old gas boiler. 

In addition to the renewable energy technology, Mr Howarth has also upgraded the insulation throughout the property and installed low-energy lighting, water saving devices and a wood-burning stove. 

He expects the £35,000 investment to pay for itself within 14 years. 

He added: “In the meantime, we are living in a really nice, healthy house. We now plan to sit around and enjoy it after all the hard work.”

SuperHomes is operated by the Sustainable Energy Academy (SEA) charity, which is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions from the built environment. 

It was set up June 2008 and its goal is to build a network of 500 SuperHomes so one is accessible, within 15 minutes, to everyone in the country.

Mr Howarth has built a website to showcase his new home and inspire others to follow his example. For a detailed look at his project visit Inglehome.co.uk

To find out more about SuperHomes visit www.superhomes.org.uk


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