Cottingham East Riding

Solar panel installation for detached domestic property in East Yorkshire.

Parish councillor Alan Wright and his wife Janette have invested in solar panels at their detached home in Cottingham.

Why did you decide to invest in renewable energy?

We are very much into looking after the environment and wanted to reduce our carbon footprint. We already had solar thermal panels so we thought we would go the extra step and get solar electricity as well. As a family, we are very aware of climate change.


Why did you choose Pure Renewables?

Pure Renewables did our solar thermal panels. They did a very good job so it seemed the obvious move to go with them again.

What do you think of the service you received from Pure Renewables?

We were impressed by the workmanship and amazed by the results. I have recommended them to another chap who lives nearby.

The standard of workmanship was superb and that’s why I would happily recommend Pure Renewables to anyone because you just wonder what you are going to get with some companies.

Everyone who has seen the set up thinks it looks spot on. It didn’t cause us any disruption either. We just left them to it and they did an excellent job. It’s also better to use a local company.

Has the investment matched your expectations?

Our first rebate paid for the electricity for the quarter and gave us quite a bit extra on top. I am sure we will achieve payback in 10 years. It’s a significant investment but if we are getting a decent return, it’s obviously worthwhile.


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