Grantley Hall

Delivering a complex water source heat pump system for an iconic stately building.

Pure Renewables was selected by Wheatley M&E to install a 520kW water source heat pump into one of northern England’s most prestigious hotels: Grantley Hall Hotel. Wheatley’s extensive remit included the design and project management of the project’s state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical installation and called upon Pure Renewables to design and install the renewable heating element of the scheme.

In keeping with the sustainable ethos of Grantley Hall (it even has its own organic laundry), a water source heat pump is emission-free and very efficient. With the property being in a conservation area and listed, there are no externally visible flues, no oil deliveries to organise and no emission of CO2 and other potentially environmentally-damaging gases.

Furthermore, Grantley Hall sits above a subterranean aquifer some 90m below the surface. Extensive tests on the quality and temperature of the aquifer water showed it to be a perfect source of energy for the heat pump system with the aquifer supplying a year-round and constant supply of 14 degree water.

A well pump delivers this water to a 720kW plate heat exchanger which in turn transfers the 14 degrees to a closed glycol circuit. Twelve thousand litres of brine buffer capacity deliver ‘low-grade’ energy to x8 66kW Stiebel Eltron heat pumps which convert this to ‘high-grade’ energy for heating and hot water generation. The hotel has a mix of underfloor heating and radiators and 12,500lts of domestic hot water capacity to serve the 47 guest bedrooms and the hotel kitchens.

Pure Renewables chose German company Stiebel Eltron for its high-quality, reliable and efficient heat pumps, along with its excellent
pre and post-sales support. Its heat pumps have been used in other notable historical buildings such as the National Trust house at
Plas Newydd in Anglesey and Welham Hall in Malton. Via the Stiebel Eltron Internet Service Gateway (ISG), the customer and Pure Renewables are able to remotely monitor the system, make changes as appropriate to maximise efficiencies and performance and to also carry out pre-service diagnostics.

The system was commissioned in June 2019.

Chris Whitelock, MD & owner of Pure Renewables, remarked: “This is a fantastic application for a large capacity heat pump system
whereby the CO2 and run cost savings will be significant. Furthermore, zero-emission heating technology is the way of the future for
the UK’s building stock and it’s fantastic to be involved in and associated with such a prestigious, forward-thinking client who is
investing in the long-term.”

Nigel Wheatley of Wheatley M&E commented: “Grantley Hall has been a flagship project for us and it has been a pleasure to work
with Pure Renewables, which delivered its remit on time and to budget.”

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