A large solar PV system and an air source heat pump installed for an industrial unit in Hull, East Yorkshire.

Pure Renewables recently installed a large solar PV system and a 11.2kW Mitsubishi air source heat pump Keyo Agricultural Services Ltd in Hull to provide heating and hot water for the industrial unit. 

The solar PV system Pure Renewables installed was an additional system added to an older system that was already on the unit and filled the remaining three quarters of the roof. Members of the Pure Renewables team completed a site survey with roof calculations to work out how many panels could be safely fitted to the roof of the unit. We also consulted with the client on the design of the system to make sure the client was happy with the plan and knew exactly what was going to happen throughout the process of the installation and thereafter. 192 No. 410W panels were installed and have already produced 44.19MW since the system was installed in early 2023. Keyo have already saved £15,024.60 and have a predicted annual savings of £19,174.75 which is an incredible saving for the company. 

Being a commercial property with high energy usage, solar panels were the answer to ever-increasing energy bills for Keyo. Their energy bills have been reduced from £3000 per month down to £1200 with solar panels. 

Two 30kW Solis inverters were also installed which will work to maximise self-consumption of your solar energy. Solar inverters take DC electricity from the solar panels and changes it to AC electricity for use on-site. 

As experts in renewable technology heating systems, we installed a bespoke system that meets all of the heating and hot water demands of the industrial unit. 

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