North Yorkshire Moors Farm

Installation of PV panels and a wind turbine on North Yorkshire Moors National Park farm.

Paul Diggory has had solar PV panels and a wind turbine installed at his farm in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park.

Why did you decide to invest in renewable energy?

The primary reason is that I think it’s something we ought to be doing. It won’t really affect me but our children and grandchildren are going to have real problems with global warming.

It also gives you an income. If you are a higher rate tax payer – it’s a very good deal. It keeps going and it’s tax free. I think we should be having more wind turbines, particularly up here where it gales all the time.

Why did you choose Pure Renewables?

They were recommended by our local builder. Pure Renewables knew the subsidies were about to go down and were very good at getting planning permission through in time. The came up and helped negotiate with the National Park. That was very useful.

What do you think of the service you received from Pure Renewables?

The service has been excellent. I would certainly recommend them. They were very approachable and they took me through all the options. There were things I had not worked out – like the VAT is only five per cent – but they were very good on how to reduce costs.

The thing that Chris did very well was he managed to get a better tariff. It was superb that he got the system hooked up just in time to get the higher tariffs before they were reduced by the Government.

Has the investment matched your expectations?

The solar panels have performed very well despite it being very wet up here. They were spot on with their calculations about what we would get back to within a few pounds, which is impressive.

It takes about 10-12 years to pay back but after that I’ll be in profit. If you are just coming up to retirement, it’s a very good deal because you are spreading your risk and you are getting a tax-free income.

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