Residential Solar PV Installation – Beverley

A 16-panel solar PV installation for a family in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Catherine & Richard Collins of Beverley, East Yorkshire decided to invest in residential solar PV in an attempt to decrease their energy bills and become more sustainable. Pure Renewables were recommended by some friends who knew they wanted to become more self-efficient, so they went ahead. 

 Why did you decide to invest in renewable energy?

We have two teenage kids who gobble energy for breakfast with their gaming and everything else they do. As a family we wanted to be more self-efficient and save on our energy bills. 

Why did you choose to invest in this particular renewable technology?

It just seemed like a no brainer to us! We wanted to make a change and be a bit greener and solar PV seemed like the natural first step to take.

Why did you choose Pure Renewables rather than another installer?

We’d heard about Pure Renewables from some friends who had a solar PV system designed and installed by Pure Renewables for their home and they told us about their fantastic reputation. We particularly liked that they work with different manufacturers to give us the option of what is best for our home. 

What did you think of the service you received from Pure Renewables?

Amazing. Pure Renewables have knowledgeable, friendly staff that aren’t pushy. The installation was quicker than expected and was seamless. Their Solar PV Manager even came back out to check on us after the installation had been carried out. We were extremely happy with the service from start to finish. 

Has the investment matched your expectations?

Since our installation, it has by far exceeded our expectations. We’ve generated 3MW in the 7 months since our installation which keeps the house ticking along. We can see from the Solar Edge app that we have so far saved 578kg of CO2 emissions, and that 71% of the energy we’ve used so far has been generated by the solar panels which we’re incredibly pleased with! We are now looking at adding a battery to the system to improve it even further. 

What has been the biggest benefit in your view of the technology you’ve had installed?

I can put my hot tub on without my husband giving me grief for using too much energy!

How would you describe your overall experience with Pure Renewables and your new renewable technology? 

Overall, it was a very good and easy experience for us! We were guided through the entire process from start to finish, and with Pure Renewables being MCS accredited, we had confidence that our system would be designed and installed to a very high standard. The installation was quick, and the installers were incredible in the work they carried out. The benefits of renewable energy are clear to see!



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