Welton East Yorkshire

Air source heat pump installation in conjunction with the the Government's RHI (renewable heat incentive).

Emma and Ian Moore: “As we were building our own house for our young family, we thought it the ideal time to invest in renewable technologies. We did a considerable amount of research including visiting various design shows. Our research began with heat pumps and it seemed sensible to add the other technologies, so we chose as many as possible.

Why did you decide to invest in renewable energy?

Environmental issues were important to us but what we particularly wanted was to make financial savings. As we were working with a new build we considered it would be relatively easy to install.


 Why did you choose Pure Renewables?

We were keen to use a local company and found Pure Renewables through Google. It was important to us that any additional help or servicing was local and easily available.


What did you think of the service you received from Pure Renewables?

They paid great attention to detail and all the works were well planned. The installers were polite and helpful. We would recommend them.


What was the strongest aspect of the service that you received from Pure Renewables?

Clear advice.


Has the investment matched your expectations?



What has been the biggest benefit, in your view, of the technology you have had installed?

Being free from gas, the savings we are making on electricity, and that it was easy to set up the FIT and apply for the RHI*.
*Feed-in-Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentives

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