Commercial Solar PV

Installing a solar PV energy system into your business will help reduce your energy bills and future proof your company against further increases in the cost of electricity.


Solar PV can also contribute towards your business becoming ISO 14001 compliant, something many major companies and inward investors are looking for in their supply chains. By utilising free sunlight to generate electricity, Solar PV offers excellent green credentials and demonstrates corporate social responsibility. From schools, churches and offices through to farms, hospitals and care homes, Pure Renewables have extensive knowledge and experience of designing and installing solar PV solutions across a range of property types.


  • Investment returned in as little as three years
  • Bespoke solution designed for your business
  • Roof mounted and ground mounted systems available
  • In roof and on roof options available for commercial properties
  • Low maintenance products
  • Lifespan of around 25 years
  • Black out back up available
  • Can be integrated with a heat pump to provide maximum efficiencies


As a business we prioritise quality, first time, every time and our product portfolio has been built to offer a range of products from industry leading manufacturers. This flexibility enables our expert team to design a bespoke solution specifically for your business to maximise the efficiency of the system.


Any power generated by the solar PV array will offset some or all of the power being taken from the grid. This energy being produced is free at the point of use.

The power being produced is from the sun, as such it is renewable energy – therefore it is lower carbon than the energy received from the grid.

Solar PV does add loading (weight) when retrofitted onto a roof, therefore a structural assessment needs to be undertaken confirming that the roof is strong enough to take it.

The PV systems are generally designed around the building power consumption, however space limitations are taken into account.

This can range depending on the size of system, but even relatively large systems can be completed within a couple of weeks.

This can vary depending on installation, but generally 4-7 years.

Potentially, this needs to be agreed with your energy supply company and the DNO.

On going maintenance is required, as is with any electrical system, including reviewing the performance of the system remotely to undertake preventative maintenance.

Yes, this should be discussed at design stage if this is your preference.

Yes, our preferred approach is to size a system based on expected consumption rather than just the available roof. This provides the best returns for our clients.

Very, the outputs from panels has much increased over the last 10 years.

Yes, our systems come with apps to let you monitor and record generation figures alongside tracking outputs in real-time.

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