Many businesses have already plugged into Solar PV to reduce their electricity bills and earn extra income from Government incentives. Solar PV is a straightforward option for any business that has a roof space – although panels can also be mounted on the ground. Solar PV offers a very attractive Return on Investment (ROI). The payback for Solar PV can be as little as six or seven years.  By generating your own electricity, you are also future-proofing your business against further increases in the cost of electricity.

Pure Renewables knew the subsidies were about to go down and were very good at getting planning permission through in time. They came up and helped negotiate with the National Park. That was very useful.
Paul Diggory, Farm owner
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As with Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs), Solar PV can contribute towards your business becoming ISO 14001 compliant, something many major companies and inward investors are looking for in their supply chains. By utilising free sunlight to generate electricity, Solar PV offers excellent green credentials. The systems are very low maintenance with a lifespan of around 25 years. Pure Renewables was one of the first companies to begin installing Solar PV. As well as a hassle-free installation, we can monitor your system so you know exactly how much electricity you are generating and how much money you have saved.





Solar PV is relatively straightforward to retrofit to existing buildings. As long as the roof structure is sound, the installation is quick and easy.  It can also contribute towards reducing the costs of running a heat pump, making them an ideal combination. If your business has offices, then you will need to have an EPC rating of D or better in order to qualify for the incentive payments.


Service goes to the heart of our offering as a business. From our initial design and consultation to our award-winning installation and aftercare, we focus on delivering a quality solution on time and budget.


Our legacy in renewables means our projects are efficiently designed and run. We deliver expert installations based on many years of experience. This experience means we can offer clients technically superior solutions that enhance the benefits of renewables.


All of our renewable energy services are focused on results and meeting the best possible heating requirements. Our knowledge of the full spectrum of solutions means we can deliver the best possible renewable energy outcome.



Solar electricity systems capture the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells. The cells don’t need direct sunlight to work – they can still generate electricity on a cloudy day – but generate more electricity in stronger sunshine. The cells convert the sunlight into electricity, which can be used to run household appliances and lighting.


The power of a PV cell is measured in kilowatts peak (kWp). That’s the rate at which it generates energy at peak performance in full direct sunlight during the summer.


Is my property suitable?

Solar panels are lightweight and highly adaptable. Ideally, you need a south, south-east or south west facing roof space that isn’t shaded. Even the smallest space can generate a worthwhile amount of electricity but we wouldn’t recommend installing panels on north-facing roofs.


Do I need planning permission?

Generally, installations fall under permitted development rights so planning permission is not required but always check first.



Solar panels are robust and carry warranties of 5-10 years, depending on the manufacturer. They are also guaranteed to perform at no less than 80 per cent of their original performance outputs up for up to 25 years.



Solar PV panels have no moving parts and need little maintenance – you’ll just need to keep the panels relatively clean and make sure trees don’t begin to overshadow them. Panels are mounted at an angle and in most cases, rain water is sufficient to keep them clean and ensure optimal performance.


All renewable energy systems need to be designed so they are specifically tailored to the premises. This is essential to ensure you qualify for the Government renewable energy incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive.  We look at all aspects of your building so we can advise on how it can be made more energy-efficient and recommend the type of technology that suits you or your business. 

Green Homes Grant and Domestic RHI

The latest press release from the Government has confirmed that recipients of the Green Homes Grant will still be able to apply for Domestic RHI payments.   The scheme will see the Government fund up to two-thirds of the cost of home improvements, up to £5000. Low-income households will be able to receive vouchers covering […]
New Aerosol Management Advisories for Dentists

New Aerosol Management Advisories for Dentists

Does the dental practice ventilation need to be altered in any way? The first stage is to obtain some in-sight into the air changes that are happening in all the rooms of the dental practice but especially in the dental surgery where Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs) are occurring. The ventilation system should be set to […]

ITV Calendar Green Recovery Feature

Earlier this month, Chris Whitelock of Pure Renewables spoke with ITV News Calendar as part of a feature about how a green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic could be a catalyst for growth in the Humber region.

Heat Pump Design Masterclass

If you missed out on the Virtual Homebuilding Show, don’t worry – you haven’t missed out on Chris’ masterclass from the Saturday afternoon. He covers where you can use heat pumps, the steps that go into designing a system, the considerations for different types of projects – and more!    

Dentist Aerosol Management System

We made a video to demonstrate how you can dramatically reduce fallow time, improve air quality and working conditions plus reduce air conditioning costs in your dental practice.

Save Money with Air Source Heat Pumps

This short video from Mitsubishi shows how the Ecodan range works and how it can provide heating and hot water even on cold days.   Any questions? We’re more than happy to speak to you to discuss your needs.  

Harrogate Homebuilding & Renovating Show

The Pure Renewables team had a busy and productive time at the Harrogate Homebuilding & Renovating Show last weekend. It was full-on, exhausting but very rewarding with over 100 meaningful conversations over the course of the three days. Our MD, Chris Whitelock, also delivered a masterclass seminar on the Sunday morning about, of course, heat […]

UK government to commit to 2050 climate target

Greenhouse gas emissions in the UK will be cut to almost zero by 2050, under the terms of a new government plan to tackle climate change.   The Prime Minister says that Britain has a “moral duty” to cut emissions. This will need a massive investment in clean energy generation including Ground Source Heat Pumps, […]

Net Zero – The UK’s contribution to stopping global warming

The Committee on Climate Change has released a new report outlining what the UK can do to be carbon neutral by 2050.The Committee on Climate Change has released a new report outlining what the UK can do to be carbon neutral by 2050. These ambitious targets will need more of us to transition to renewable […]

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