Helping Architects Switch On To Renewables

Many architects don’t fully understand renewable technology, which is why we’ve just produced a new brochure to highlight the products we offer and their benefits.

After working in the sector for over 11 years, it’s still evident to me that many architects don’t appreciate what renewable technology can provide their clients, and a lack of understanding of both the technology itself and the costs involved is to blame. That’s something we want to change.

Considering costs

The capital cost of renewables is reasonably high. But longer-term, renewable solutions make a lot more sense, because homeowners save on running costs and can receive financial incentives for generating renewable heat and electricity.

On average, in well-insulated properties air source heat pumps offer a 25-30% run cost saving versus mains gas, and a 35-40% saving against oil or LPG. Ground source heat pumps perform even better, with 30-35% savings against mains gas and 45-50% against oil/LPG, while even less well-insulated properties can see savings of around 20-25% with these systems.

In addition, the lifespan of heat pump technology is typically double that of a traditional oil or gas boiler, and clients can achieve payback on a heating system within six to seven years.

Safe and stylish

The benefits of using this technology are not purely financial or environmental. Increased safety is another key factor, with heat pumps negating the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning or explosion that come with a traditional gas boiler.

Underfloor heating – a great complement to a heat pump system – now costs the same as installing a standard radiator system but offers a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing heating solution.

Here to help

We need to change attitudes to renewable solutions to benefit both architects and their clients. Pure Renewables can help architects produce cost-effective, safer, more aesthetically pleasing designs for their clients, who will be protected from rising energy costs while doing their bit to help the environment.

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