New Aerosol Management Advisories For Dentists

Following on from our recently published video on the significant benefits of MVHR for dental surgeries, a new advisory has been issued to the dental profession.

Does the dental practice ventilation need to be altered in any way?

The first stage is to obtain some in-sight into the air changes that are happening in all the rooms of the dental practice but especially in the dental surgery where Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs) are occurring. The ventilation system should be set to provide the maximum amount of fresh air and the maximum number of air changes it is able to provide. Health Planning notes (such as SHPN 36 Part 2 2006) recommend a minimum of 10 ACH [Air Changes per Hour] for the dental surgery.

If there is no mechanical or natural (open window of suitable size) ventilation AGPs must not be undertaken in that room, as this will be in breach of both HASAW [Health and Safety at Work] Act and maintain high concentrations of aerosolised upper respiratory tract secretions generated during the AGP.

Read the full report here

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