Smart and Secure Energy System: Implementation

The UK Government has released plans for its smart and secure energy system implementation from 2026 onwards.

The UK Government has published its plans and are open to consultation, to deliver a smart and secure electricity system. Meaning that from 2026, all flexible electric heating technologies, like heat pumps, storage heaters and heat batteries, will need to be smart as standard; built with secure two-way communications that allow them to receive and act on external price signals.

‘This is much needed and will allow more consumers to be able shift their demand and utilise time of use tariffs, potentially saving households £100s off their energy bills each year.’ Matthew Aylott – Senior Policy Adviser, Department of Energy Security and Net Zero.

Consultation description

The Smart Secure Electricity Systems (SSES) Programme is designed to create the technical and regulatory frameworks to enable the untapped flexibility from small scale devices, such as domestic electric vehicle charge points and heat pumps. It should contribute to electricity system decarbonisation in a way that protects consumers and the electricity system.

This consultation builds on both the 2022 Delivering a smart and secure electricity system consultation and the 2023 government response to that consultation.

The consultation is open to anyone to respond, but will primarily be of interest to:

  • energy and technology companies
  • energy smart appliance manufacturers
  • consumer and environmental groups
  • innovators, and third party intermediaries in energy and / or other sectors

Follow the link below for full details of the proposed plans.

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